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However you prefer, the choice is yours

Alongside our face to face appointments, we are also offering virtual consultations, by doing this we keep patients safe and offer you the same quality of care. Patients can receive expert care and advice for new or existing conditions and our consultants are available in as little as 24hrs to discuss your healthcare needs.

Both new and follow up appointments are available.

How does it work

Our consultants will clinically assess your case in the consultation and provide you with a diagnosis and best treatment. In some cases diagnostics may be required and you will need to attend the hospital, your consultant will discuss this with you.

The Attend Anywhere booking process can be completed in 3 steps:

Your consultation will be completely confidential and will consist of you and your consultant only. No information will be stored online and your consultant will send you out a written report.


    How much will my consultation be?

    The consultation fee varies per consultant but is typically between £200 – £300.

    How do I pay for my virtual appointment?

    Payments are normally settled after the consultation, you will either receive an invoice or you can contact us on 020 7830 2142 to make the payment. In some cases your consultant may ask you to pay prior to the consultation.

    How soon can I get an appointment?

    You can be booked in for an appointment within 1-3 working days. This is depending on you and your consultant’s availability.

    Can I get a weekend appointment?

    Currently we are not offering weekend appointments.

    How will my prescription be dispensed?

    A private prescription will be sent to your home address by first class post.

    Will my virtual appointment be covered by my private healthcare provider?

    You will need to contact your insurance provider prior to your appointment and if they are covering the cost of your consultation, they may allocate you a claim number, authorisation code or claim form for the hospital and consultant to sign.

    You may also have limits on your health insurance policy or an excess which you will need to check first.

    Full insurance details must be given to the hospital reception staff at or before the time of treatment for direct settlement.

    If your insurer declines payment, you will be invoiced for immediate settlement; however our consultants are covered by most of the major insurance companies.

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