Avulsion treatment for varicose veins

Stab avulsion (also known as phlebectomy) is another minimally invasive treatment option offered at Hadley Wood Hospital for varicose veins.

The procedure

This procedure involves removing the varicose veins, but doesn’t require general anaesthetic and is usually carried out on a day case basis, meaning you won’t need to stay in hospital.

Very small incisions or ‘punctures’ are made to the skin in the affected area, using either a needle or very fine scalpel. The area will be numbed with local anaesthetic first so you should not feel any pain (mild sedation can also be used if required). The area of vein being treated is then removed via these incisions – however, they are so small that no stitching is required.


You’ll be able to go home soon afterwards and should be able to return to work and regular daily activities after a day or two. Your consultant will advise on when it’s sensible to resume more strenuous activities and any other points to keep in mind, such as keeping your leg elevated while sitting for long periods. You’ll also need to wear compression stockings for a period of time, usually at least a few weeks.

Avulsion treatment for varicose veins usually has very successful long-term results, although some people with more severe varicose veins may also require additional treatments.

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