Vascular treatments

Why choose Hadley Wood?

Hadley Wood Hospital offers a range of treatments for vascular conditions, which affect the body’s blood vessels, veins and arteries. This includes a number of treatment options for common conditions like varicose veins and threat veins, plus venous ulcers, varicocele and pelvic congestion syndrome.

Our team of vascular specialists are highly skilled in minimally invasive techniques and we are pleased to offer patients access to some of the latest, state of the art treatments in this field.


We welcome both self-paying patients and those covered by private health insurance. For further information and to discuss pricing and payment options, contact our referrals team on 020 7317 7751 or

EVLT (One Leg) (L8512) – The guide package price for this procedure is £1,975 (Local Anaesthetic)

EVLT (Two Legs) (L8514) – The guide package price for this procedure is £2,675 (Local Anaesthetic)

*Fixed price packages are inclusive of hospital, consultant and anaesthetist fees. Some consultants may charge more than allowed for in the package, if this is the case you will be informed of the excess before committing to the treatment. 

*At your initial consultation, your consultant may consider your treatment to be outside of the clinical criteria for the package price, at which point a specific quotation will be offered.

*Fixed price packages exclude the initial consultation fee and outpatient diagnostic fees.

Our specialist vascular consultants

You’ll be looked after by leading consultants offering the highest level of expertise in their field. No matter what your healthcare concern, our consultants will be able to advise the best course of treatment.

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