Flow rate test

A flow rate test is an investigative procedure for people experiencing difficulty or delay in passing urine. 

Reasons for a flow rate test

The test measures the speed of your urine flow and simply involves peeing into a special funnel, which records how long it takes for urine to pass from the body. You’ll need to ensure your bladder is suitably full beforehand, by drinking enough fluid and avoiding going to the bathroom for an hour or so prior. If there isn’t enough urine in your bladder, the test may need to be repeated at a later date.

While flow rate tests can be requested as a single investigation, they are often carried out alongside other tests as well, such as X-rays and an ultrasound of the bladder, depending on your symptom history.

The results will be assessed by a specialist and, if necessary, any further tests or treatments required will be discussed during a follow-up.

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