Therapeutic Venesection


A Therapeutic Venesection is a procedure that reduces the levels of blood within your body, it is an effective way of reducing red blood cells which slow down the flow of blood being pumped around the body when there are too many present. This will lead to blood clots (Iron Overload).

A Venesection reduces blood levels by around 1 pint and can also reduce the thickness of your blood to a safe level if required.

Along with this, a Venesection can also treat other conditions like heart and lung problems and genetic haemochromatosis.

At the Royal Free Hadley Wood we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care to our patients using the latest in equipment and facilities. Our Haematology consultants have specialist expertise and experience allowing us to provide advanced treatments in medicine, giving patients the best possible outcome.


The procedure is similar to a blood donation, you are required to lie in a chair and a needle is inserted into a vein on the arm draining a small amount of blood from the body. Once the attached bag is full the needle is then removed and a pressure dressing is applied the site.

The frequency of your treatment is determined by your consultant and your condition.

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