The Royal Free Hadley Wood One Stop Rectal Clinic


The Royal Free Private Patients at Hadley Wood will be providing patients with a One Stop Rectal Clinic. Our overall aim is to provide a safe, flexible and efficient private hospital based colorectal service for patients.

Our multi-disciplinary One Stop Rectal Clinic is patient centered thus improving the patient experience, by doing this we can improve patient access and provision of care. This will also build upon partnerships and collaborative work between GPs (private and public), delivering various aspects of care along the pathway.

We offer appropriate alternatives to acute NHS Hospital outpatient and inpatient care, decreasing the length of time between GP referral and access to specialised clinical services.

The Hadley Wood One Stop Rectal Clinic will provide a timely and effective triage of all electronic one stop rectal bleeding GP referrals, as well as providing timely access to a comprehensive range of diagnostic, treatment in private care.

The service will treat patients suffering from a range of minor colorectal conditions and requiring specific colorectal procedures including:

• Examination of Anus
• Anal Polyps
• Anal Warts
• Haemorrhoid Injections
• Ligation of Haemorrhoids
• Proctoscopy
• Rigid Sigmoidoscopy
• Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Following the electronic (Web Based) triage of a referral, the following options will be available:

• Out Patient Consultation
• Onward referral to one stop rectal clinic for investigations/treatment. This include flexi     sigmoidoscopy with phopsphate enema.
• Treatment with Sclerotherpay – Banding of Haemorrhoids –Botox sphincterotomy
• The Lead Conultant will also be able to triage direct access to colonoscopy.


To make an appointment or for more information, please call or email on:
Tel: 020 7317 7751