• polypectomy

A Polypectomy is a procedure that involves the removal of polyp using medical instruments attached to an endoscope. A polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue, they are commonly found in the colon, stomach, nose, ear, sinuses, bladder and uterus. Some polyps are flat (sessile) while others have a stalk .

Polyps can turn cancerous if left untreated but most can be removed if spotted in time. A Polypectomy is the most common procedure for the treatment of Polyps and consultants can use a variety of instruments to assist with this removal.

At Hadley Wood Hospital our consultants are professionally trained with many years experience therefore can offer the most appropriate advice to our patients and tailor each service to their needs.


The removal of Polyps involves your consultant attaching a thin wire along with an electrode to an endoscope. This allows for the polyp to be cut at its attachment point and removed from the body with the electric current.

Using the scope your consultant will locate the polyp and then start removal. The procedure should takes around 5-10 minutes therefore treated as a day case procedure.

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