Iron Infusion

An Iron infusion is a procedure where an iron supplement is delivered to your body through the use of an intravenous therapy needle (IV).

Iron infusion treatment is used for patients with Iron Deficiency Anemia – a condition where a lack of iron in a patients body leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells the body produces.

Red blood cells store and carry oxygen around the blood to the various tissues and organs in the body. The fewer red blood cells a patient has will result in low oxygen levels within the body.

Iron is an important mineral, needed for your physical health and to maintain energy levels. The most common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include:

  • Tiredness and lack of energy (lethargy).
  • Shortness of breath. 
  • Noticeable heartbeats (heart palpitations).
  • Pale complexion.

At the Royal Free Private Hadley Wood we aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care to our patients using the latest in equipment and facilities. Our Haematology consultants have specialist expertise and experience allowing us to provide advanced treatments in medicine, giving patients the best possible outcome.


The procedure involves your specialist nurse using a needle to insert a small tube (known as a cannula) into your vein usually in the arm or hand. The needle will then be removed and the catheter is left in your vein.

The catheter is attached to a tube connecting to an IV bag containing the Iron. The Iron solution is either pumped into the vein or the tube will use gravity to slowly drip the Iron into your vein.

The procedure can take up to 4 hours, you will be seated for the duration of this time, depending on the level of treatment needed your infusion may take longer.

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