Travel Health and Immunisation Clinic

Travel health and immunisation clinic at Hadley Wood Hospital is a consultant led clinic, led by Dr. Jane Zuckerman. The ethos of the clinic is the prevention of illness in those who travel and our team provide a comprehensive specialist travel health and immunisation service for travellers. The clinic also provides some non-travel general and occupational immunisations on request.

Over the past 20 years, Dr Zuckerman has been responsible for the travel health needs for over 10,000 travellers per annum and is a Travel Medicine Consultant in to several international companies. Dr Zuckerman has particular extensive experience in advising travellers and patients with underlying health problems, including pregnancy, chronic diseases and serious illnesses such as Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, diabetes as well as following immunosuppressive treatment, treatment of malignancy with chemotherapy or radiotherapy and transplantation.


As we are unable to provide travel health advice by telephone or email for medico legal reasons, we strongly recommend making an appointment with one of our Specialist Travel Health Nurse Advisers or if you wish specifically, with our Consultant, Dr Zuckerman. At your initial appointment, one of our Specialist Travel Health Nurse Advisers will discuss your planned itinerary in detail and complete a comprehensive travel health risk assessment which will include understanding any medical conditions you might have and any medication you might be taking.

Following this, the appropriate vaccinations and/or malaria tablets you might require for your trip will be recommended and discussed together with you. At the time of your consultation, we will also discuss with you the best schedule to receive any course of recommended vaccinations and plan these together with you so that you complete these before you travel. If malaria tablets are recommended, the most appropriate malaria tablet will be dispensed from the clinic during an appointment so avoiding any need for a private prescription or a trip to a chemist. In addition, we will discuss with you other important travel health items such as a travellers’ diarrhoea kit, a sterile medical kit, insect repellents, mosquito nets and water purifiers amongst others.

Please Note

  • We are able to see children from 16 and above.
  • Children aged 16-18 years should be accompanied by an adult for their first appointment.
  • We are unable to take blood samples.
  • We unable to offer BCG or Mantoux testing.
  • Consultant led consultations led by Dr Jane Zuckerman run on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 6pm and are charged at £120.
  • Nurse led consultations are run Tuesday’s from 2pm – 7pm and are charged at £15.


To book an appointment to see Dr Jane Zuckerman privately, parents can either self-refer, be referred by their GP or by sports physicians. Patients seen by a travel health specialist nurse at the Royal Free London Travel Health and Immunisation Clinic might also be referred to see Dr Zuckerman.

The initial appointment will last 45 minutes whilst any follow-up appointments will be made for 30 minutes. At the time of the appointment, Dr Zuckerman will take a full and comprehensive medical and vaccination history to establish a vaccination plan tailored to meet the patient’s individual needs.

To make an appointment please contact us via either of the following channels:

Tel: 020 7317 7751