Foot injuries

foot-injuriesAt Hadley Wood Hospital our specialist consultants are highly trained in the treatment of foot injuries for Orthopaedics.

We can offer a comprehensive assessment of your foot issue and tailor each service to a patients requirements, allowing us to provide the most effective management and rehabilitation of your injury within the recovery process.

We offer the following treatments for injuries to the foot

Surgery for Bunion Deformity  – we offer advice and surgical correction of a BUNION deformity, which can occour when the bone or the tissue joint at the bottom of the big toe has moved out of place, usually happening through years of pressure on the joint forcing it to bend towards the others. This then forms the painful lump on the joint.

Correction surgery for Hammer Toe  we offer advice and treatment on this condition which looks like the toes are bent down and the joints are prominent at the top of the toe. This occurs when the muscle tissue within the joints are weakened therefore making the tendons shorter which makes your toes curl under your feet.

Surgery for Bunnionnettes – this occurs when patients have part of the bone forming the joint of the fifth toe, this can occur for many reasons from choice of footware to genes.

Surgery for Mortons Neruroma – this occurs when a nerve in a patients foot can become thicker and irritating. Pain usually happens under the surface of the forefoot. This is through increased pressure on the toes which can occur when wearing tight footwear or when running often.

Arthritis of Big Toe Joint – usually occuring through wear and tare over time patients may find they will feel pain when walking.

Foot and Ankle Joint Injections – patients seeking foot and ankle joint injections either have multiple joint or isolated pain. Once diagnosis has been established we can then advise on non-operative management.

Achillies Tendon Tear – usually happening through sporting activities such as tennis or squash. The Achillies tendon is a strong cord connecting your muscles from the back of your calf to your heal bone, if overstretched it can tear.

Unstable Ankle ligament repair – this is a common injury involving damage to the ligaments in the ankle. Surgery occurs when non-surgical methods have been unsuccessful for the patient.

Ankle and Knee Keyhole Surgery – we treat many sports injuries and offer keyhole surgery for more complex conditions.