Varicose Vein Removal

Endovenous (thermal) Laser Treatment (EVLT) (also known as EVLA, RFA, VNUS and ELA) is an image-guided, day case procedure for the treatment of Varicose Veins under local anaesthetic. It is a minimally invasive ultrasound-guided procedure using a laser fibre to seal (by thermal coagulation) the damaged veins that cause this condition.
EVLT leaves no scars and the patient can return home the same day and go back to normal everyday activities after 1-2 days.

At the Royal Free Hadley Wood Hospital our Consultants offer a comprehensive and state of the art service for the treatment of Varicose Veins, and provide the most up to date and appropriate advice to our patients.


Using local anaesthetic and light sedation if required, a laser fibre is inserted into the affected veins, under ultrasound guidance. Once in position, the laser is activated, heating the vein to the point of coagulation and shrinkage as the fibre is withdrawn slowly. In this way the vein is sealed shut preventing further reflux of blood into the varicose veins.

Over the next few weeks, the treated veins are absorbed by the body as part of the natural healing process.
This treatment takes up to 1 hour under local anaesthetic. For the anxious, a little sedation may be used.

The patient is discharged after an hour of rest wearing bandages or compression stockings as appropriate and full mobility (return to work) is achieved within 48hours.

In the 2 weeks following the procedure, some degree of bruising and soreness of the treated leg is to be expected.

Varicose Vein Treatment has come a long way from ‘strip surgery’. Endovenous thermal treatment (by laser or radiofrequency) is now the “Gold Standard” treatment for Varicose veins according to NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence; the evidence – based UK guidelines institution. See guidelines CG168).

The Procedure does not treat superficial spider veins which can be dealt with by a separate procedure after the varicose veins have been successfully treated.




Treatment Price
Initial Consultation (Including a Duplex Ultrasound Scan) £300
EVLT Unilateral (1 leg) £1,975*
EVLT Bilateral (2 legs)£2,675*
Treatment of Spider Veins£300

 *EVLT package price includes follow up appointment with your Consultant*

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