Endoscopic Mucosal Resection


Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) is a gastrointestinal procedure which involves removing cancerous and abnormal tissues from a patients digestive tract. EMR uses a long narrow tube equipped with a light and video camera (endoscope) which records images of the patients digestive tract and displays them on a tv monitor.

This procedure is mainly for treatment purposes however EMR can also be used to collect tissue from a patients body for diagnosis. If harmful tissues are present EMR can help determine if they have invaded the tissues beneath the digestive tract lining.

At Hadley Wood Hospital our consultants are professionally trained with many years experience therefore can offer the most appropriate advice to our patients and tailor each service to their needs.


Your procedure will take around 30-90 minutes and will either be performed under a general or local anaesthetic but this will be discussed by your consultant.

Once the anaesthetic starts working your doctor will then pass the endoscope down your throat. They will proceed by injecting fluid into the layer of cells below the abnormal area, this will help the area stand out from the rest of the tissue making it easier for your consultant to examine your digestive tract. The area of the examined tissue will then be removed using a thin wire which will be collected and placed under a microscope.

After the procedure it is important to rest and you may be required to stay overnight for further observation. You normally start with fluids for a couple of days after but you should be able to build back to a normal diet after this time period. You may also feel mild chest pains and bloating after.

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