A Colonoscopy is a procedure where your Doctor examines the inner lining of the large intestine using a thin tube that has a camera on the end. A flexible tube known as a colonoscope looks at the colon and helps to locate ulcers, colon polyps (abnormal/precancerous growths),cancers and areas of inflammation.

Colon polyps can usually be removed, through the scope. Tissue samples are collected and sent to the laboratory for microscopic examination.

At Hadley Wood Hospital, our Endoscopists are highly trained experts and will tailor each service to the patients’ needs, ensuring all procedures are carried out to the highest standard.


Before your procedure you will be numbed with either intravenous (conscious) sedation or general anaesthetic (if needed), to make you more relaxed for the colonoscopy. Your specialist will then insert the colonoscope into your bowel through the back passage to look inside, using the camera.

Once the colonoscope reaches your bowel, carbon dioxide will be pumped inside to open up the large bowel, so your Doctor can clearly examine the lining. If polyps are found, they can usually be removed.

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