Brow Lift


Brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) is a procedure that lifts the area above the eye and tightens the muscles to reduce the wrinkle lines developed across the forehead, along with those that are present on the bridge of the nose and between the eyes, allowing for a more youthful appearance.

As we age over time, our skin will loosen resulting in a drooping forehead and eyebrows. A brow lift can offer a tighter, more youthful appearance to the patient. At Hadley Wood Hospital our consultants are highly trained experts and will tailor each service to the patients needs ensuring all procedures are carried out to the highest standard.


Performed under a general anaesthetic, your surgeon will start by making an incision across the top of your head. Your forehead will then be lifted with your muscles being tightened. The incision will then be stitched back up and your surgeon will remove any excess skin that is present.

Alternatively a patient can opt for an Endoscopic brow lift which involves the surgeon making 3-5 small incisions on the scalp in which a small thin plastic tube with a camera on the end is inserted into the patient. The camera then gathers images from the camera and displayed on a live screen in theatre, allowing the surgeon to operate on the fatty tissue and muscles that are behind the hairline. It takes around 1-2 hours for your surgery to be completed depending on the type of procedure but your surgeon will advise you on this during your consultation.


You are normally advised to take between 1-2 weeks off work, it is important to sleep upright for one week after your surgery as this will help to reduce the swelling. You should avoid facial products and wash your hair with baby shampoo.

You will be given a follow up appointment from your consultant to ensure your a speedy recovery and stitches will be removed around 10 days after the procedure. Scarring should be minimal and will be hidden under your hairline, these should fade within 6 months.

Your surgeon will advise you of the appropriate aftercare following your surgery and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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