Barrett’s Oesophagus

barretts-oesophagusBarrett’s Oesophagus is where a patient has cells in their oesophagus that grow abnormally. This is not a cancer however can develop into a small one on rare occasions in a small number of people.

The main causes of Barrett’s oesophagus are Acid reflux – where your stomach acid is splashed back onto the oesophagus or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease which is where the acid irritates and inflames the oesophagus.

This can be diagnosed with your doctor performing a an endoscopy which involves an instrument being placed inside your body so they can view and examine your internal body for symptoms.

There are different ways once diagnosed Barrett’s Oesophagus can be treated which can either be via medicine, surgical or non-surgical procedures. Depending on the severity of your condition your consultant will decide on the best course of action for your treatment.

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