Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring


Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring is a non-invasive investigation in which your blood pressure is recorded over 24 hours. This method of monitoring provides our specialist cardiologist’s important information about how your blood pressure changes over the course of the day. This then allows individualised treatment for your condition.

When the heart beats, blood is pumped through the arteries pushing against the vessel walls which are muscular and flexible. The amount the blood pushes against the artery walls is measured in units of pressure and is known as your blood pressure. The more forcefully blood pumps around the body the higher blood pressure.

  • To diagnose high blood pressure.
  • Some people have high blood pressure when measured by healthcare professionals. This is called ‘white coat hypertension’. Therefore, this test can be used to rule out high blood pressure these otherwise healthy people.
  • If you are on blood pressure treatment then we can assess how well your blood pressure medications are working.
  • To assess exactly at what times in the day your blood pressure increases or decreases.

Our diagnostic Cardiology team at the Royal Free Hadley Wood use state-of-the-art equipment to provide patients with the most accurate readings. Our highly skilled consultant cardiologists will assess each patient and tailor treatment plans to their individual needs.


This non-invasive test involves wearing a device around the waist area that attaches to a cuff on your upper arm. The device monitors your blood pressure throughout the day at regular intervals (around every 30 minutes).

You are asked carry on with your everyday activities however it is recommended you do not take part in any strenuous exercises, and avoid getting the device wet.

When sleeping the device will continue to monitor your blood pressure. You can simply place the device under your pillow and sleep normally. After the monitoring period has been completed the device will be analysed with your consultant and results discussed with you.

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