• Urology


Our leading urology consultants at the Royal Free London Private Patients Unit at Hadley Wood Hospital provide a rapid and efficient service for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of urological conditions, tailored to the individual patient, with the full support of the latest equipment and clinical expertise available.

Ahead of your appointment, the referrals team will ask you some simple questions to provide background information for the consultant. You will be able to choose time and date for your appointment, as well as who you wish to see. The referrals team will guide you through all of your options and provide you with a cost estimate before you commit to any treatment or procedures. For more information on payment and pricing, please see our payment page.

Upon arrival at the hospital please make your way to the outpatient consulting rooms on the 1st floor of the hospital to complete the necessary registration documents. Wherever possible, we ask patients to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment to allow time to complete registration.

Our referrals team will share specific instructions with you depending on the treatment or tests you are scheduled for. Please note, you might be asked to attend the clinic with a full bladder if possible as a urine flow test might be required.

Following your appointment, you may be required to return to the reception if there are any funding arrangements to complete and to meet up with your chaperon if necessary. Our referrals team will follow up with you in due course if a further appointment is required.

We offer the following Urological treatments and services for our patients: