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The Hadley Wood Hospital Travel Health and Immunisation Clinic is an internationally-renowned, consultant-led service. Our clinic provides comprehensive, specialist travel health and immunisation services for
for anybody planning overseas travel or requiring more general vaccinations.

Our expert specialist travel health nurses, led by Dr Jane Zuckerman, the UK’s leading consultant in Travel Medicine, will take the time to ensure you get the best advice to suit your individual health and travel needs.

Alongside vaccinations and malaria prevention medication, we can advise on the level of infection risk in the areas you are travelling to, and any additional precautionary measures you can take to help minimise the risk of falling ill during your trip or upon your return. This may include advice on additional travel health products that may be useful, such as insect repellents and mosquito nets, plus general advice to avoid injury, contamination through unclean water or contact with animals, etc.

We appreciate that making the time for appointments can be tricky, and we do our best to provide as efficient and convenient a service as possible. However, it is important to be aware that certain travel vaccines and malaria medications are most effective if administered/started a number of weeks before your departure date. We would advise contacting us as soon as possible once you have arranged your trip, and will be happy to help make you a convenient appointment.


For us, the consultation is a key part of the patient journey. We are committed to ensuring all patients feel fully informed about their options, and supporting you in making the right decision for you.


We welcome both self-paying patients and those covered by private health insurance. For further information and to discuss pricing and payment options, contact our referrals team on 0207 3177 7751 or

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