PRP injections

PRP stands for ‘platelet-rich plasma’, the protein-rich substance responsible for helping blood to clot.

Why do I need PRP injections?

here’s evidence that when taken from the body and then injected into a damaged area, PRP can aid in the healing process and promote the growth of new healthy cells.

PRP injections may be helpful for treating various types of joint pain, including problems associated with osteoarthritis, tendon and ligament damage, and tissue repair following a joint injury or previous surgery. They may be useful for stubborn, difficult to manage problems such as rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder, and sports/repetitive strain injuries like ‘tennis elbow’.

The procedure

The treatment is relatively new and not always 100% effective, although many people do experience significant improvements. It can also take a number of weeks or months for the full results to be seen.

During the procedure, first of all, a small sample of blood will be taken. This will then be separated in a machine called a centrifuge and the plasma will be prepared ready to be injected into the area being treated. X-rays or ultrasound are often used to help guide the injection to the correct area. You’ll usually be able to go home shortly afterwards and carry on with regular daily activities as before.

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