Liver disease usually develops gradually and often does not present symptoms until the advanced stages. The risk factors for liver disease include being overweight, type 2 diabetes, drinking too much alcohol chronic viral hepatitis, and autoimmune diseases. If you are worried you are at risk of developing liver disease then the Liver Health Screening is ideal for you.

At Hadley Wood Hospital, we offer a full liver screening service that includes a range of tests in order to provide a broad, in-depth picture of your liver’s health and how well it’s functioning.

These include full blood tests and urinalysis as well as measurement of your blood pressure and physical examinations of your abdomen, chest and heart. Importantly, we also undertake an ultrasound and fibroscan examination of the liver. These scans are able to detect most liver pathologies, as well as any significant scarring (fibrosis) of the liver.

The combined results of these tests and scans will help build a detailed medical report that can detect potential problems with the liver, as well as indicate how well it is functioning and any risk factors that may need to be monitored or addressed.

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