Open hernia surgery

As well as laparoscopic hernia surgery, the team at Hadley Wood Hospitals are also specialists in open hernia surgery.

Do I need open hernia surgery?

In some cases, open surgery may be a more suitable option for repairing a hernia due to a number of factors, including the level of repair needed as well as your age and general health.

What does the surgery involve?

Open surgery involves making a larger single incision. It can often be carried out with just local anaesthetic (which means you’re awake during the procedure but the area will be fully numbed so you won’t feel anything), or may also be performed under general anaesthetic.

Open surgery generally has a slightly longer recovery time than keyhole surgery and you may need to stay in hospital for an additional night. You’ll then need to take it easy at home before returning to work and gradually resuming your regular daily routine.

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