Capsule endoscopy

Similar to a traditional endoscopy, a capsule endoscopy enables doctors to have a close look inside the gastrointestinal tract

The procedure

Rather than using a camera at the end of a tube which is inserted manually, the procedure involves swallowing a pill-sized capsule that contains a small camera.

This innovative technique enables the camera to travel the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract, reaching areas that a traditional endoscope might not always be able to and capturing thousands of images as it goes. These are recorded wirelessly on a data recorder that patients are required to wear for the duration of the process (they’re very discreet and compact and can normally be worn attached to a belt at the waist). The capsules are disposable and will naturally pass through your body via a bowel movement.

You’ll usually be given medication to help clear the bowels before the procedure and be asked not to eat for a certain number of hours beforehand, in order to maximise the effectiveness of the test.


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