Scar revision

Scars can have a very significant impact – physically but also psychologically and emotionally – and there are a number of reasons why people might wish to pursue scar revision treatment.

Is scar revision treatment for me?

This might be because a wound has healed ‘badly’, resulting in a raised, lumpy scar that’s very noticeable. It may also be because the scar is causing discomfort in some way, or because it’s affecting somebody’s confidence and self-esteem. Even scars that may seem relatively minor to others, can sometimes have a profound effect on the person living with it.

The expert dermatologists at Hadley Wood Hospital understand how personal scar revision treatment can be. While it’s generally not possible to remove scars entirely, there’s often a lot we can do to help improve the appearance of your scar, and enable you to move forward with your life.


In some cases, conservative treatments, such as topical oils and pressure garments, as well as scar-covering makeup can make a big difference. Some types of scars can respond well to laser treatment or injecting potent steroids directly into the scar, while surgical revision can be another option to explore. Which treatment is suitable for you will often depend on a number of factors, including the size, location and nature of your scar, as well as personal choice. Managing expectations is very important, and it is imperative to us that all patients fully understand what a procedure entails and what sort of results to expect.

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