Dermoscopy is a skin examination procedure using a tool called a dermatoscope, a special magnifying glass that enables a dermatologist to get a very close up look at markings on the skin. It’s mostly used for examining moles, but can also be used for examining other skin abnormalities and lesions.

The procedure

The procedure is very straightforward and pain-free. An oil or gel will be applied to the area, before the specialist holds the dermatoscope above the area being examined. The tool works by emitting a light source to the area and magnifying it by up to 10 times, enabling the specialist to see components within the skin that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, including small blood vessels and other structures beneath the skin’s surface. Magnified photos can be taken at the same time. These will be closely assessed before the results are shared with you, and any follow-up treatments or further tests required will be discussed.

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