Cutaneous surgery

The expert dermatologists at Hadley Wood Hospital perform a wide range of cutaneous surgeries – which means surgical procedures relating to the skin, including skin lesions like moles, cysts and lipomas.

Why would I need cutaneous surgery?

Cutaneous surgery is performed for both investigative and diagnostic purposes – for example, skin biopsies – as well as to treat a range of conditions. This includes skin cancer treatment and removal of skin lesions. A range of procedures and techniques are used, including Mohs micrographic surgery (which is used to treat certain skin cancers), depending on the problem being treated.

The procedure

The vast majority of cutaneous surgeries at Hadley Wood Hospital can be performed on a day case basis under local anaesthetic, which means you’ll be able to go home shortly afterwards. Recovery times and scarring can vary depending on the exact surgery performed – your consultant will be able to discuss what to expect and advise on individual aftercare to ensure you’re fully informed. But most cutaneous surgeries are fairly quick and straightforward and only require a day or two off work.

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