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Infection Protection Control for Outpatients, Imaging and Day Case Surgery

Due to COVID-19, Hadley Wood Hospital has implemented rigorous infection protection control (IPC) measures and protocols in line with NHS England guidelines to ensure the facility is safe for our patients and staff. All patients admitted to the hospital have been clinically triaged and are safe to be treated.

We are taking every possible measure to ensure both patients and staff are safe in our hospital. We are rigorously adhering to infection protection control guidance to reduce transmission.

All staff in the hospital are required to wear a face mask and are screened daily to ensure we minimise the risk of infection. All patients and staff in the hospital are also required to practise social distancing.

What to Expect?

Below is guidance on what to expect as either an outpatient or day patient. Your clinical team will provide you with additional protocols prior to your procedure.

Infection protection control protocols include:

Outpatient Appointments and Imaging
  • Please do not arrive early for your outpatient appointment. Only arrive five minutes prior to allow for screening and registration.
  • You will be greeted at the entrances on the ground floor by a hospital security guard who will provide you with a disposable surgical grade mask. You must wear this mask for the entirety of your visit at the hospital. Please do not remove the mask unless your consultant advises you otherwise. Please dispose of your mask into the clinical bins in the hospital when you leave.
  • Please ensure you maintain social distancing while inside the hospital and adhere to the guidance we provide while onsite.
Day Surgery (including 23 hour care)
  • If you are having a surgery with local anaesthetic or non-anaesthetic sedation, no Covid-19 testing or isolation is required.
  • One day before surgery, you will have a COVID-19 symptom check by a member of staff. In case your procedure changes to anaesthetic sedation or GA (general anaesthetic), you will have LFD (lateral flow device) test on the day
  • If you are staying less than 4 days in the hospital and considered a non-vulnerable patient, you will have LFD test a day before or on the day of the surgery. You do not need to isolate, and you will be symptom check a day before surgery.
  • If you are having anaesthetist led anaesthetic and sedation and considered as a vulnerable patient with predicted length of stay over 4 days, you will need to isolate for 7 days, and have a PCR test within 3 days prior admission. You will be symptom check a day before your surgery and you will have PCR test on day 1 post surgery.
  • You are no longer required to take Covid-19 swab test or isolate prior to your endoscopy. Unless specified by your consultant or you are considered at high risk/COVID-19 vulnerable, a LFD or PCR test is required 24 hours before admission.
  • 24 hours before your endoscopy, you will need to complete a COVID-19 patient screening questionnaire. A member of staff will undertake this with you.

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