Fat transfer

Fat transfer, sometimes also known as a ‘fat graft’, involves removing fat from one area of the body and injecting it into another, in order to enhance volume and shape. The results are intended to be subtle but effective, restoring a natural looking more ‘plump’ and youthful appearance to areas that may have lost volume and elasticity over time, for instance.

The procedure often appeals as it’s less invasive than other surgical options, such as breast augmentation surgery. Plus it’s more natural, as fat from your own body is used, rather than synthetic fillers.

Hadley Wood Hospital offers two fat transfer procedures – buttock to cheek, and buttock to breast. Both involve removing fat from the buttocks via Laser Liposuction or micro Lipo procedures, and then transferring it via injections into the cheeks or breasts as desired.

You’ll be able to discuss your goals and what to expect from the results during your consultation beforehand. While it’s a relatively minor procedure compared to more invasive cosmetic treatments, the area will be bruised and swollen afterwards and you may need one or two weeks off work to recover.


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