Ms Gillian Smith

Consultant Urologist


Ms Gillian Smith was appointed to the Royal Free in 2005 and is the Divisional Director of Transplantation and Specialist Services.

Gillian has a specialist interest in diagnosing and treating prostate disease and is expert in providing men with suspected prostate cancer with a rapid and accurate diagnosis. Over the past decade, she has established a multidisciplinary specialist prostate team.

Through a collaborative approach between experts in different specialties, this team now provides high quality prostate assessment at three of the Royal Free’s hospital sites. Using her experience, Gillian is currently working with a number of other hospitals and partners to expand modern prostate cancer diagnostic services across north London.

Gillian also runs an active surveillance clinic for men with low risk prostate cancer, in which she ensures that all patients benefit from the most up to date imaging and biopsy techniques to guide their management and provide reassurance that surveillance is the correct approach.

Gillian is dedicated to education and training in urology at a national level. Through her work with the Intercollegiate Board in Urology, she has promoted and maintained high standards in UK urology.

Gillian’s current research interests are in improving the accuracy and experience of prostate cancer diagnosis for patients.


  • Urology

Clinical Interests

  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostate diagnosis and assessment
  • General urology

Procedures Offered

  • Prostate assessment, including biopsy

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