Mr Peng Tan

Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon


Mr Peng Tan is a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. He graduated with MBBS and MSc degrees, from Imperial College London, in 1995 and was in the Basic Surgical Training Programmes in Cambridge and London leading to a MRCS Diploma.

Mr Peng Tan

Mr Tan was then awarded with the MRC (UK) Fellowship researching into genetic manipulation of immune and vascular cells of which culminated in PhD and MD degrees with University of London.

He has been awarded with multiple awards by many learning societies and the Royal College of Surgeons. His work was recognised by the British Transplantation Society and the International Transplantation Society with an award of the Roy Calne Young Investigators Award and the New Key Opinion Leader of Tomorrow Award. The Royal of Surgeons also recognised his contribution with an award of Syme Medal. In addition, he was also won multiple travelling awards with the British Immunology Society and Pfizers Academy.

Clinical profile

Mr Tan then went to Oxford University to become its Lecturer in Surgery and completed his Higher Surgical Training Programmes with the Oxford School of Surgery. In Oxford, he was awarded with Sir Peter Morris Surgeon Scientist to start up his research programme on the development of a vaccine for breast cancer. From Oxford, he went onto further sub-speciality training in Oncoplastic Surgery at the Royal Marsden Foundation Trust and the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

He then completed his General Surgery and Oncoplastic Breast Training, leading to his fellowship with the Royal College of Surgeons.Currently, he is a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust for his NHS practice prior to that he held a similar position at Whittington Hospital NHS Trust for 5 years.


  • Oncology
  • Breast Surgery

Clinical Interests

Mr Tan has established a highly reputable clinical practice in oncoplastic breast surgery techniques over years within University teaching hospitals in London and Oxford with tertiary referrals of complex cases and second opinions.

He has an established practice in symptomatic and screen-detected breast cancers reviewing over 250 patients annually and has extensive experience in types of immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy for cancer and complex types of breast conserving mammoplasties (over 250 cases) used in larger cancer or more than one breast cancer in the same breast in order to optimize cosmetic results.

Temporary two-stage breast reconstructive approaches are offered to the patients requiring radiotherapy after mastectomy. Mr Tan facilitates immediate mirco-vascular breast reconstructions working alongside the best Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

He has a large photographic database for his breast reconstruction results for the purposes of informing individual patients outcomes.

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    Procedures Offered

    • Breast lump investigation
    • Single-dose intraoperative radiotherapy (SD-IORT) for early stage breast cancer
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy and lymph node removal
    • Breast lump removal
    • Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
    • Cancer tests
    • Mastectomy
    • Breast cancer diagnosis (clinical and imaging using ultrasound)
    • Breast conserving surgery using cosmetic techniques
    • Intra-operative radiotherapy at time of surgery to avoid whole breast radiotherapy
    • Immediate Implant and biological sling breast reconstruction
    • Breast reconstruction
    • Sentinel lymph node diagnosis using dual localisation

    Research interests

    Mr Tan’s research interests embrace both basic and applied molecular biology in the context of cancer, transplantation and vascular biology, with an increasing emphasis on the translational research – obesity biology in areas of adiponectin & its signaling pathways; tumour immunology in the area of breast cancer; gene therapy vector development; induction of immunological tolerance by manipulating endothelial and dendritic cells; dendritic cell biology in the aspects of its co-stimulation, internalization of antigen, antigenic presentation & signaling transduction; vascular biology; corneal transplantation studying corneal rejection model and corneal cellular biology & effect diabetes on antigenic presentation.

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    Publication of letters & case reports:

    The Transplantation Society – New Key Opinion Leaders of Tomorrow 2006 (Meeting Report) PH Tan, K Giles, PL Tan Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy 2007 Jan; 7(1): 149-52

    World Transplant Congress. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 22 – 27 July 2006 (Congress Report) PH Tan Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy 2006 Oct; 6(10): 1061-5

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