Mr Norbert Kang

Consultant Plastic Surgeon


About Mr Norbert Kang

Mr Kang is a consultant plastic surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital. He graduated from Charing Cross and Wesminster Medical School (now part of Imperial College) in 1989 and undertook basic surgical training in Washington DC and Leeds. He trained in plastic surgery in London including fellowships in the peripheral nerve injury unit in Stanmore.

Clinical profile

He was appointed as a consultant in 2002 and has specific interests in all aspects of hand surgery, prosthetic reconstruction and prominent ear correction. He has been performing bone-anchor surgery since 2005 an has an active research interest in this and allied areas, such as targeted muscle reinnervation surgery. He is a founder member of Relimb.

Special interests

  • Prominent Ears
  • Hand surgery – especially rheumatoid arthritis and reconstruction after trauma
  • Prosthetic reconstruction of the upper limb
  • Hypospadias and general reconstruction of male genitalia
  • Skin lesions and skin cancer

Procedures Offered

  • earFold for prominent ear correction


  • Plastic Surgery

Clinical interests

  • Hand surgery (all aspects)
  • Prosthetic reconstruction
  • Bone-anchor surgery
  • Amputee revision
  • Targeted muscle reinnervation

Hypospadias surgery

Research interests

  • Mr Kang is very interested in prosthetic reconstruction of the upper limb and is actively involved in research to improve the interface between humans and prosthetic technology.

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