Mr Maitham Alwhouhayb

Consultant General Surgeon


Mr Alwhouhayb has been a consultant general surgeon with colorectal interests at Barnet and Chase farm hospitals since Sept 2013.

Mr Maitham Alwhouhayb

He considers himself an excellent team player and has worked well within different medical and surgical teams, he is well-liked by colleagues and all medical staff and most importantly by patients over the last 12 years at the trust. Throughout the years Mr Alwhouhayb has consolidated his knowledge, skills and confidence to become a fine independent surgeon.

His current job involves being on-call 1 in 6 and weekend on-call 1 in 11. In addition Mr Alwhouhayb is rostered to be a CEPOD consultant surgeon 1 in 5 which involves being emergency operating surgeon for a block of 5 consecutive weekdays.

Clinical profile

The emergency operations he carries out ranges from surgery to complex abdominal injuries, perforated bowel and inflammatory bowel disease complications. Most notably, He has done a good number of abdominal trauma surgeries for splenic ruptures, internal abdominal haemorrhage.

Mr Alwhouhayb has also operated on a very complex multiple stab wound case who was presented to our emergency department in a peri-arrest state. He had to perform thoracotomy and laparotomy immediately and he was pleased with the good outcome for the patient.

Mr Alwhouhayb is also proud to say that he himself has performed 63 out of 135 NELA audit cases since NELA registry started at Barnet a year ago. His cohort of patients involved very elderly with ASA grade 4/ 5 many times. He is pleased to say that he had no 30-day mortality among the 68 patients.

His role as an emergency surgeon also involve colonic stent placement for bowel obstruction.

Mr Alwhouhayb’s elective surgical work involves weekly a) ½ a day clinic b) whole day elective theatre list and c) ½ day endoscopy list. Sometimes he does clinics twice a week.

His elective theatre sessions involve mainly laparoscopic cholecystectomies, various complex cases of hernias i.e. incisional/ ventral and inguinal. He has a special interest in complex anal fistula. Out of his last 140 cases of lap cholecystectomies only one was converted to an open surgery.

Over the last 2 years Mr Alwhouhayb has done 20-30 waiting list initiative sessions involving endoscopy lists, general theatre lists and target colorectal clinics. These are mainly done during weekends.

Mr Alwhouhayb is a JAG certified endoscopist. His endoscopy procedures number is one of the highest among his surgical colleagues and gastro-enterologists as he has done many such waiting list initiatives. Mr Alwhouhayb is continually contributing to the lower and upper GI MDT meeting through his extra 2 weeks target clinics.

Mr Alwhouhayb has performed more than 600 endoscopy procedures (Colonoscopy + OGD) from Jan. 2016 to date. His total number of endoscopic procedures since he started his independent practice here in the trust has been more than 3000. He has also performed lots of complex endoscopic poly excisions.

Through his emergency surgical role as a consultant over the last 2 years Mr Alwhouhayb has done more than 12 complex bowel surgery on patients who presented as an emergency.

During the last 3 years of his service as a consultant and also during a 9 year service as a senior registrar in this trust Mr Alwhouhayb has always offered a helping hand to his department and colleagues at testing times.

This is by demonstrating a high level of flexibility during emergency on-calls or rota gaps due to sick leave of other consultant colleagues and also un-expected leaving of other consultant colleagues from trust.

Mr Alwhouhayb has been on the board for Consultant appointments in colorectal surgery for almost a decade.

In addition, the post-holder regularly provides GI surgical cover for daily gynae-oncology lists based at St Batholomew’s Hospital. The post contributes to the emergency on call rota and thus includes ample exposure to emergency general and GI surgery, as well as the almost continuous arrival of multiply injured patients via HEMS.


  • General Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery

Clinical interests

  • General
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Diagnostic endoscopy

Research interests

  • Jun 2007 ‘Cardiotoxic Effects of Tangential Breast Irradiation in Early Breast Cancer Patients: The Role of Irradiated Heart Volume’
  • Led by Dr JH Borger, Maastricht University
  • Role: Data collection and analysis

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    Procedures Offered

    • OGD
    • Colonoscopy
    • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
    • HALO
    • Haemorrhoidectomy
    • Anal fistula and all types of abdominal hernias
    • All types of emergency surgeries
    • Lipoma and skin lesions

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    DOI: rjv149 First published online: 23 November 2015

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