Mr Hamish Hamilton

Consultant General And Vascular Surgeon


Mr Hamish Hamilton studied medicine at the University of Zimbabwe graduating in 1983. He gained specialty training in Philadelphia, USA in General Surgery in 1992 and has been American Board of Surgery Certified since then.

About Mr Hamish Hamilton

Mr Hamilton returned to Southern Africa to Groote Schuur Hospital, at the University of Cape Town and was a Consultant Surgeon there till 1997. He subspecialized in Vascular Surgery and did further vascular surgery training in the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in 1998.

Clinical profile

In 1999 he started his NHS consultant surgical practice as a General and Vascular Surgeon at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital, moving to the Royal Free Hospital in 2012 and has been working in North London in both NHS and private practice since 1999.

Mr Hamilton has been a Vascular Consultant Surgeon for over 19 years and runs a busy Vascular and General Surgical practice. His surgical practice embraces all open and endovascular interventions in arteries including blocked peripheral arteries and aneurysms along with the latest treatments in endovenous treatment of varicose veins. He also does a wide range of general surgical procedures including laparoscopic hernia and cholecystectomy.

He is a Honorary Clinical Lecturer at University College London participating in teaching medical students and training surgical registrars. He has published multiple clinical research articles in peer reviewed journals and presented papers at various clinical conferences. Mr Hamilton is also a member of the National Vascular Society.


  • Vascular Surgery

Clinical interests

  • Arterial and venous disease management
  • Treatment of abdominal wall /groin Hernias

Research interests

  • Aortic aneurysm treatment

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    Procedures Offered

    • Aortic aneurysm surgery (open, endovascular and complex endovascular, EVAR)
      Carotid body tumour surgery and carotid endarterectomy

    Venous disease management:

    • Varicose vein surgery: Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT), VNUS closure procedure, Varicose vein laser treatment, sclerotherapy treatment)
    • Venous leg ulcer treatment including bandaging
    • Deep vein thrombosis management (including endovenous procedures)
    • Peripheral vascular disease including diabetic foot management (angioplasty, stenting Femero-popliteal bypass surgery, amputations and wound management)
    • Thoracic Outlet Decompression
    • Surgery
    • Hernia surgery (Femoral hernia repair, Open and Laparoscopic TAPP and TEP inguinal hernia repair, paraumbilical and umbilical hernia repair, incisional hernia repair, sports hernia repair)
    • Hyperhidrosis management (thoracoscopic and lumbar sympathectomy, axillary curettage, Botox, iontophoresis, medical management)

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